“Rainbow Room”

The fabulous world of Biba, the legendary London boutique by Barbara Hulaniki,
inspires the new Ouigal collection.
A taste for the Exotic and Art Nouveau, orientalisms and maroquinerie, Old Europe’s Ancien Regime. A multicultural charm that recalls the vibe of the Palestinian markets from Biba’s childhood, frantically blending colors, scents and sensations.
A mysterious and sensual ambience expressed through the dark tones of the walls and the dim lights.
Intimate and personal.

Macro ruffles and soft knots in laminated leather inspire Art-Deco details. Shiny soft velvet like the sofas at Biba’s, is used on high heels.
Laced ankle boots – chic and naughty – suggest an atmosphere. Chelsea boots and loafers for the contemporary Mods. Astrakhan faux fur effects in soft hues.
Bright ponyskin is used for inserts for shoes in different heights. Printed snakeskin glitter heels, iridescent metallic lamé and jacquard fabrics.

Precious and mineral colours: ruby, emerald, quartz, malachite. Metallic: gold, platinum, copper red.