A supernova is a stellar explosion. Supernova are very
bright and cause an emission of radiation, which for short periods can exceed
that of an entire galaxy, emitting as much energy
as the Sun during its whole existence.
The term nova, which means “new” in Latin, refers to what
appears to be a new shining star in the sky.

Galactic atmospheres inspire the FW 17/18 Ouigal collection. Shiny materials such as velvet, laminated leathers and printed varnishes celebrate the 90’s. Hence, stellar inserts in gold and silver appear on chunky or sabot heels, while important details like metal zips appear on booties and ankle boots.

With the notes of “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis in the ears, the Ouigal’s FW 17/18 collection blends different worlds: the colourful 90’s are revisited according to a contemporary spirit, rock meets camperos style boots and kimono prints reinterpret Western aesthetics. Among the inspirations of Ouigal a romantic touch could not miss, manifested here through soft ruffles in soft and natural shades, embroidered on super sporty and flat sneakers. Wood also remains a hallmark of the brand and in this collection it is available in wedges with two different heights for boots and laced models.

Comfort and irony, creativity and personal style confirm the unique design of Ouigal that in this season, once more, does not fail to think about the comfort of footwear, without sacrificing style!

Enjoy the Supernova!